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Don't mind me, I'm just here for the good reads!

I spent many years on LJ under a different user name, but the internet slowly became The Thing That Ate My Life. So I closed everything else and created this 'lurking journal' - really just for the purpose of reading other people. I also have created this mirror journal on Dreadwidth, where I spend just a smidge more time than I do on LJ, and am in love with AO3.

I'm acafannish, but not technically an acafan because I'm only tangentially involved with academia by profession, and I don't publish papers about fandom or whatever! I'm just generally interested in issues of gender & sexuality (among other things like technology, religion & psychology) and how they play out in horror, sci-fi & fantasy genres in film & tv, as well as other media and fan-produced fiction and meta.

My fandom of choice is SPN. ♥
To the point where it barely feels like a choice. I'm a slave to the rhythm!

I do watch other shows and might occasionally lurk in other fandoms, but mostly just when I've followed my favorite writers over from SPN. (I also do some non-LJ acafannish work on the Whedonverses, but don't follow the fandom per se.)

Need to know more about me? Just ask!

I will post exceedingly rarely -- aside from the already-occasional podfic recording! -- and won't be commenting much. If I read you, I probably knew you from my old LJ, but not always. If I read you, please know that you bring great joy and intellect to my life and I wish I could repay the favor somehow. ♥♥♥

In lieu of adding people on LJ and DW, I also read some people via Google Reader! ;D

ETA: I've transferred my old SPN S/D meta post here from my old account because of the number of people who wanted access to it. It's backdated to the original date it was posted before, with comments imported as screencaps. So there ya go.
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Now that I've done a fair number of recordings, I figured I should make a podfic sticky post!

Dreamwidth: http://amplificathon.dreamwidth.org/tag/reader:on_verra
LJ: http://amplificathon.livejournal.com/tag/reader:on_verra
Audiofic Archive: http://www.audiofic.jinjurly.com/onverrareader

I do crosspost to specific communities and challenges where appropriate, but everything goes onto these Big Three.
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I posted 2 more podfics, bringing my total to 4. I even have reader tags and archive pages now!

I am so glad that I've had time to do this. Although it was largely instead of sleeping, really, so that might be it for a while. On verra. :)
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I podficced! Sam/Dean story by fleshflutter.
Recording can be found here at amplificathon, (Xposted to LJ) as well as a couple other communities on LJ.

Fannish contribution of 2012, check. ;D

ETA: I did another one! Story by [personal profile] rivkat. Go me.


Nov. 18th, 2011 12:01 am
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Graphic displaying text 'I Voted!' in black on a white field. A red OTW logo replaces the letter O
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LMAO, I just randomly got trolled on my old Wincest Meta post, by one LJ member [profile] deathlysunlight, who appears to be a sockpuppet. I deleted the comment from there, but it was far too hilarious not to post:

So does incest only bother you when it harms children???
How many parents excuse their selfish acts as some romantic 'forbidden love' nonsense?
I happen to know such parents...
aunt and uncle are related (they were cousins) and wanted to have
children...the family members warned them that their children will
suffer the consequence but they didn't care they went through with it
and now both their sons are deaf...and yes they, too, were children
once, children who suffer all their adult lives...

There are many, psychological and physical, reasons why incest is forbidden!!!
There are actually such things as 'kin detection mechanisms' in both humans and animals:
increases the likelihood that offspring are born with harmful genetic
mutations that negatively affect health and fertility. For this reason,
many species have evolved ways to spot close relatives and avoid mating
with them...."]



To look at incest as sexually arousing (!) is just so wrong...
can't help but wander what it says about those who enjoy such stories
and those who write them can you really not imagine a non-sexual love
between relatives is your imagination that poor?
Why don't you create your own characters instead of forcing incest where there is none?
Are you only aroused by forbidden things?
If all people decided to accept homosexuality and it was no longer a taboo will it stop arousing you?!
If people then decided that eating slugs is taboo will you be aroused by watching it???
Next you'll be suggesting that such depraved acts as cannibalism and rape are the new 'taboos to break'
This is just so pathetic and it won't be any less pathetic if you'll delete this comment...

OMG DID YOU EVEN READ THE ORIGINAL POST?!?! Bwahahah. I stand corrected, Wincest is wrong. I have seen the light. WON'T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!
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Written for SPN J2 Big Bang 2010!

Fic title: The Secrets of Copper Country
Author name: [personal profile] on_verra
Artist name: sarahtoga
Genre: Wincest
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~23k
Warnings/Spoilers: See pairing. Major dub-con, D/s kink, blatant abuse of classic children's literature. Post-series (so, spoilers for all aired eps thru S5 just to be safe, but goes vaguely AU before the S5 finale).
Disclaimer: This is a work of fan fiction! I do not own the Winchesters or any other recognizable characters or canon events herein, and I make no money.
Summary: On a tip from an old friend, Sam and Dean take on a case in Copper Country, a remote part of northern Michigan. Stuck for the winter in a grand old estate, isolated from the rest of the world until spring comes, they find themselves taken over by a mysterious force that seems to come from a locked garden on the estate grounds, perpetually in bloom - making them confront harsh truths about themselves, and do things they might not otherwise do. Loosely inspired by The Secret Garden, by Frances Hodgson Burnett. (If you know the novel well, you may be able to pick up loads of references, but it's not necessary in order to follow the story. *G*)

If you wish, you may:
Read in multiple chapters over on LJ, or Download PDF (story only) via megaupload.

ETA January 2011: Now available at AO3! Can be downloaded from there :)

And don't forget to check out sarahtoga's Art Post on LJ!

Click for entire fic here on DW )

Thanks for reading!
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Sweet creamy jebus, I wrote another one.

Title: A Talent for Causing Things Pain
Author: On_Verra
Pairing & Characters: Sam/Dean, John, very brief mentions of Jim Murphy and Bobby
Rating: PG-13 (or possibly R for violent imagery)
Wordcount: ~4,070
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys, and I make no money from this.
Warnings/Enticements: See pairing. Also, there is graphic dental injury, wee bits of angst and humor, and a whole lot of blood. But not in a kinky blood play way... exactly. It's hard to explain! Just gotta read on!
A/N So, I see this as slash, okay? But I'm kickin' it Old School, and others might consider it pre-slash with UST. Depends on how you define resolution ;)

I feel compelled to dedicate this to balefully:
This fic may not be what you were expecting based on my recent comments, but the title does indeed come from Little Shop of Horrors ;D

Thanks to lotrabc for the beta offer, but I wanna get this up before I leave the country in a few days! So this is unbeta'd. I hope you will like it anyway! And thanks also to [personal profile] linaerys for putting up with my email spammage yet again.

Here be the story:
A Talent for Causing Things Pain )

Comments and recs appreciated.

Happy Holidays!

*Crossposted to DW and LJ*

Also posted in AO3.
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Holy crap, I still can't believe I wrote fic. And just in time to beat S5!
I need to cut back down on my online time again. I should hardly ever be on here at all. So between this post and the last (fanmix!), that'll be it for my 2009 fandom contributions. At least this year there were two :)

Title: Bittersweet
Author: On_Verra
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: ~5,800
See pairing, though this is maybe more like pre-slash. Loads of UST & brief mentions of pre-series UST. This is Season 2 case!fic with a twist.
Spoilers: General spoilers through Season 2, Episode 5 ("Simon Said"). Takes place after that ep.
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys, and I make no money from this.
A/N: This is my first fic. I hope it doesn't show! I've been reading in this fandom so much over the last few years that I couldn't resist trying my hand once I finally had a plot bunny of my very own. MANY many thanks to kitsune13 and [personal profile] cathexys for the hand-holding and beta duties! And to [personal profile] linaerys for putting up with my email spammage. Additional A/N at the end.

Bittersweet )

Comments and recs appreciated. Hope you enjoy! Especially those of you who are feeling as nostalgic for the old days of Show as I am... *wipes away a tear*

*Crossposted to DW and LJ*

ETA: Also posted in AO3, November 2009.
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Hi folks,

As you know I'm pretty quiet around here, but I've been working on something off and on for a while. Especially after Big Bang, and with everyone bracing themselves for the new season. I just really wanted to post this before S5 because I don't want the whole vibe of the thing to be jossed, even if only in my own brain.

And so, for my latest contribution to fandom, may I present:

(Cover by me; base Impala image from fanart by [profile] deny1984, used with permission)

Click for Tracklist, Dedication and Notes )

Next up, I will be posting fic. Yes, really. I mean, really. It is in beta. :D

Feel free to comment and/or rec if you like it, or if you hate it. Or want me to explain my choices. Whatever. :D

*Crossposted to DW and LJ*
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From my old [livejournal.com profile] psycholibrarian account, reposted to LJ by request on 1 May 2008, because people WANTS it. :)
Entry backdated to original post date, with 50+ comments imported as 27 screen caps (click on image links to view).

Oh boy. I've finally gone and done it. I have committed meta. Long meta. Das Über-meta. Meta in which I talk about... *drumroll please*... Wincest!

I need to include some basic "Intro to Fan Fic" blah blah for some readers, so it's gonna take me a while to get to the Wincest. Please bear with me, you eager, in-the-know slash-type people ;D

On fandom and slash and SPN and all that good stuff. Cut for Length. And I mean L.E.N.G.T.H. It's like 5600 wds. )

[Many thanks to you brilliant fannish people who are so much fun in addition to being all thinky. You know who you are. *G*]
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